When choosing a suitable mattress not only counts whether it is soft or hard! Many other factors play a role. Anyone who tends to sweat at night should choose a particularly breathable mattress. But which models are suitable? In the following guide, the cold foam mattress, latex mattress, Visco mattress, and pocket spring mattress are explained in more detail.

Is cold foam mattress good at sweating?

High-quality cold foam mattresses are now among the mattresses, which have the best air circulation and the highest breathability thanks to the open porosity. Molded foam mattresses are improved cold foam mattresses because they are not only breathable but also guarantee better air circulation. They are therefore very suitable for people who sweat more at night. In cold foam mattresses, optimal covers with excellent climate control are often used, making the already open-pore models even more breathable. Some mattresses also have a spacer fabric (built-in air duct) so that there is still air between the mattress and the body so that air exchange takes place during all movements. You can get the best mattress deals from amerisleep.site.

Is latex mattress suitable for Schweitzer?

For latex mattresses, the ratio between moisture absorption and release is excellent. They have countless microscopic air chambers, which ensure optimum air circulation. Recorded water vapor can condense quickly here and be released into the ambient air. Sweat is thus quickly absorbed and released so that the mattress is ideal for people who sweat a lot at night. However, latex mattresses do not have a spring core, so good ventilation is important.

Visco mattress during heavy sweating

If you sweat a lot at night, you should not choose a visco mattress. The lying comfort is relatively high, so these mattresses are very popular. But the body sinks deep through the soft Visco foam because the mattress provides a larger body support surface. This achieves good adaptation and pressure relief. However, the body has more contact with the mattress. This leads to sweat because he can not deliver the moisture over the skin so evenly. Visco mattresses should, therefore, be avoided by persons suffering from night sweats.